Swan Song

“All of our exalted technological progress, civilization for that matter, is comparable to an axe in the hand of a pathological criminal.” – Albert Einstein


James Scott King XVI sat back in his large, burgundy, plush chair and held a small glass-like crystalline rod in his hand.  He looked at it for a minute or two smiling.  “Cheers” he said, “to the betterment of the human race.”  He took a bite and sat back.  The semi-transparent crystal like substance, both the residual piece in his hand and the chunk in his mouth, started to emit a soft, glowing blue light.

Four other people said, “Cheers!” and also took a bite of the substance.  Everyone’s mouth started emitting the glowing blue light as they chewed the substance that cracked and popped in their mouths.  Their teeth slowly smashed down on the crunchy clear chunks which became more illuminated with every bite.  Everyone in the room was very well dressed, in fancy formal suits and dresses, sitting in a fancy penthouse on the top of a very, very tall building amidst the clouds.

James was the CEO of Swan Song.  His wife Ophelia was also in the room, along with three other people who were board members of Swan Song.  Now everyone was sitting back in a reclined position, while their eyes started also glowing bright blue.  They started giggling, which caught on slowly at first then grew into uproarious laughter.  James leaned forward and hit a button on a projector that started generating a 3D holographic display of moving and morphing fractal imagery, with a fluid mix of organic and geometric symbolism.  They were celebrating a new deal with North American Union, which was an agreement granting Swan Song the ability to cooperate with the NAU Council Corporation, giving them access to an as of yet untapped market of billions of residents of the North American continent.

Swan Song, NLC (No Liability Corporation), had 8 offices around the globe, based out of Belgium, their operation branches were located near medium or large sized cities which were also located near some type of mountain range as well.  The reason for this, as stated by Swan Song on their official website, was that the higher elevation allowed for an easier launch pad into space, essentially a giant mechanical catapult, to assist with launching human souls into space, into the sun, into heaven, and into paradise forever.  These offices were extremely large buildings that housed many different synchronized operations serving to expedite many, many human souls into heaven.  Also, not stated on their website, was the fact that Swang Song only launched about 1.5% of their customers into the sun, which was largely a public relations stunt that was done to keep the general population hoodwinked.  The other 98.5% of their “customers” were put into pods that delivered them several miles down into the earth, where they were “processed,” meaning that their bodies were strapped into an indestructible metal-alloy cage that only vaguely resembled the inside of a spaceship, dipped into a reservoir of a kind of liquid hot molten lava and instantly incinerated.  The vast majority of customers who thought they were going to heaven in the sun, were in reality, simply put into a giant machine that transported them down into the earth and liquefied their bodies.  Most of the customers couldn’t tell the difference between being launched into the sun or being drilled down into a subterranean lava pit. This was the grand plan by the global elites to reduce the earth’s population and solve the dire environmental problem.  The vast majority of people loved Swan Song, and thought they were doing an unimaginably, altruistic good for humanity.  These trips down into the earth now happened constantly, 24/7, 365 days a year.  They were so busy these days, that they had trouble processing all the walk-in customers.  People would wait outside for weeks, partying like it was the end of the world, and spend their entire life savings, for a supposed trip into the center of the universe to be reunited with God, or the divine, or whatever new trendy brand of spirituality people were ascribing to.  The genius behind James’ cosmic story was that it appealed to everyone, it was a universal “truth” that seemed to be far beyond the reaches of petty argument or political/religious contention.  Everyone thought it made perfect sense.

James was the mastermind behind the whole operation, and was from a family of old money that goes back many, many generations in Europe, all the way back to James Scott, the 1st Duke of Monmouth.  Now he operated behind the scenes, colluding with government leaders from all over the world.  James was the genius who came up with all the poppycock nonsense about transporting souls into the sun, which was proposed to be heaven, or paradise.  Swan Song, NLC, had no real substantial proof that the sun was, in fact, heaven.  It was all a modern, new age fairy tale that seemed to somehow connect all the disparate dots of science and spirituality.  Only thing is it was all completely made up; it was a plot that was devised while James and his cohorts were hovering in a Pent-pod, over the Caribbean ocean one night a decade ago chewing on the powerfully hallucinogenic, synthetic, crystalline substance.

James and his wife and their 3 friends were all masticating Methyl-Quartzaline-11, which was the most recent in constantly growing line of a very popular and very expensive designer, mind-altering substances that somehow amplified the human energy field and expanded and cleared neural pathways.  Their breathing slowed down to an almost imperceptible level, heart rates drastically lowered, while their minds and souls went into a deep hypnotic state.

“Avoid the void!” James droned as two beams of glowing blue light shot out of his eyes.  “If God is the sun, and paradise is to be connected with God in the brightness forever, then the dark void of space is essentially hell!  The major spiritual traditions all confirm that hell is an eternal separation from God!”

“Yesss,” someone else hummed.

The other people in the room also started beaming blue light from their eyes.  An older gentlemen in a tuxedo said,  “It fits the theory!  It’s perfect!  We will put this in our new North American Union marketing campaign!”  They all started laughing and congratulating themselves on their collective genius.

“What is more terrifying than the black void of deep space forever?” said Ophelia.  “This is going to be huge!”

This was how most of the brainstorming sessions for the marketing team of Swan Song, NLC, happened.  It’s how they came up with many of their best marketing ploys to be directly advertised to the simple and finite minds of the masses of humanity, who were almost entirely controlled by the subliminal mind control techniques of the globalist-technocrats and media-industrial complex.  The projected earnings for Swan Song, NLC, were growing exponentially as people volunteered their personal fortunes for their own extermination.  “Brainstorming for brainwashing” James liked to call it.


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